I am an artist by discipline and I adopted photography after college while exploring the new media world. At first, it seemed like a fun media, an interesting marriage of technology and visuality. After a few years, this became a passion and now my profession.

I work from the experience of drawing and painting, exploring the subtleties in our expressions and physical language. My style can be described as dynamic and inquisitive, as each of my photographs tends to want to capture a snapshot of a greater story. At times, I can get a little wild with colors and I’ll use some bold brush strokes. And sometimes I’ll obsess over small details and interesting symbols. This work attitude works as a function that yields some interesting and beautiful photographs.

Story matters to me, a lot. Thus, I’ll make the effort to tell your story through my lens and leave as little footprints on your day as possible. It’s your day, your memories, your story, and I am your recordist.

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes from a photo-shoot in December, 2013.